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Celebrating 8 years of design growth in the country and Africa!

Eight years seems like a long time but it has gone by in a blink. We have spent the time learning, networking and growing in ways that are pivotal for the strengthening and survival of the design industry.

In 2011, DKS pioneered The Nairobi International Design Conference (NIDEC), the first ever design conference under the Network of African Designers (NAD). The conference has been replicated in other African countries such as Uganda (KIDEC), Ghana (GIDEC) and Morocco.

The NIDEC conference introduced the important role design plays in the industrial sector while exploring achievements and challenges then charted the way forward.

The Design@50 conference was held in 2013 and recapped the growth of design in Kenya since independence.

NIDEC 2017 focused on the role of design innovations and integration across sectors in solving Kenyan and African problems and social growth. It intersected with the World Design Organisation's board meeting where Kenyan designer and educator Prof. Mugendi M'Rithaa handed over the presidency of the World Design Organization to Ms. Luisa Bocchietto.

As DKS continues to cater for all aspects of the design industry, preparations are at peak for the Typography Kenya Conference, to be held on 7th December 2018.