Nairobi International Design Conference (NIDEC) is launched by Design Kenya Society under the theme "Design Zeitgeist Africa" - (DZA) to take place between 25th and 28th September 2020. The theme reflects the aspirations, the heart and the soul of African design for the decade and beyond. The conference is significant as Design Kenya Society (DKS) celebrates ten years of continuous engagement with designers in Kenya, eastern Africa, Africa and the world. It will be an opportunity to ride on the successes and learn from the challenges. And it is an opportunity to identify your position, strengthen the resolve and hold the hands of other designers.

The conference brings together designers including students, professionals, academia, institutions and stakeholders to participate under three broad sub themes. It will take the form of exciting keynote speakers, exhibition, conference papers, fashion show, networking and discussions. The goal of NIDEC 2020 is to reinforce the resolve of designers to drive the development of sustainable solutions for Africa.


"Design Zeitgeist Africa" -(DZA) is expounded under three main themes that plug into Kenya's development agenda and Africa's global aspirations. These aspirations are shared with partner associations such as the Afrika Design Forum and institutions.

The subthemes are:

  • ICT focusing on AI, gaming, VR and animation
  • Manufacturing with a focus on value chains to spur export growth
  • Built environment with a focus on sustainable materials and technologies

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