By: Dr. Lilac Osanjo
Posted: Mar 22nd, 2019

It has been a long journey from inception to date and DKS has survived immense challenges but remained solid and continued to grow and expand her influence.

As I wind down my service at the helm of DKS, I must remind members that the role of DKS is to be a forerunner of all matters design. DKS must rise and be the bridge between Africa and the rest of the world especially Europe because the design agendas, drivers outcomes are often diametrically different but need to find places of merging.

DKS must consider itself as a think tank that will combine thoughts across disciplines, industries, generations and economic statuses that will create momentum for change. This will allow it to stand as the liaison between stakeholders and enable the generation, evaluation and implementation on initiatives that will mobilise knowledge, growth and community impact.

DKS must also promote excellence by working with the State Department of Public Works, Ministry of Transport, Infrastructure, Housing & Development to finalise the accreditation and quality assurance of the design sector. This will demand deep networks and intentional efforts to mentor budding designers and grow leadership in the sector.

As one of the vibrant design organizations on the continent, DKS is a founder member of Network of Africa Designers (NAD); a founder member of Afrika Design Forum that is facilitating the International Design Education Conference 2019 in Ghana; and a member of Africa Design Days. These kinds of collaborations must continue to ensure increased global influence and impact.

The best days of design work are ahead.


Dr. Lilac Osanjo is well known in the design fraternity as a career designer, educator and leading design visionary. She sets the bar high and continually raises it by using design to communicate possibilities through papers, articles, and exhibitions on design for health, agriculture, renewable energy systems and sustainable livelihoods in Africa. She is the Director of School of The Arts and Design, University of Nairobi and founding member of the Design Kenya Society, the Network of Afrika Designers (NAD) and Afrika Design Forum.