By: Wanyama Ogutu
Posted: Sep 17th, 2019

The art forms in the picture, are found at the window of Jumuia Coffee House next to the main entries of the Auditorium at the All Saints Cathedral - Nairobi. The three panels are abstract of nonobjective art, made of stain glass on rectangular portrait shape. They lighten up the Trinity entries with beautiful colour especially in the presences of light.

The abstract panels are the composition of primary and secondary colour, lines such as spiral, straight line zig-zag, wave and contour line. They have irregularly composition of patterns and rhythm which flows across the art form. The regular rhythm forms the border of each three panels. The compositions have used a lot of negative space with colourless glass.

The visual interpretation of the composition is elusive due to excessive use of lines, rhythm and colour, which makes visual interpretation complicated. The objects emanated from compositions are African musical instruments, people raising hands, birds and enigmatic figure.

The three panels are abstract of nonobjective art were created for aesthetic purpose, not iconography, even though All Saint Cathedral - Nairobi is Religious Institution. The stain glasses were well executed despite the ineffective application of elements and principle, which continues to raise a contradictive question. Lastly the art forms were appropriately placed at entries to the overflow section at the auditorium.


Wanyama Ogutu is A visual Art Scholar at Kenyatta University, A visual Artist & A lecturer at Buru Buru Institute of Fine arts Nairobi